Do I have to pay my excess even though the accident wasn’t my fault?

In most cases, yes. This falls into the question of liability being admitted by the third-party insurance company. Until we have received written notification from your insurer that the excess has been waived, you are liable for the excess. We will always provide you with an invoice and receipt for this payment so you will be able to claim this amount back if and when the liability has been agreed. 

My car is not safe to drive. Can you organise recovery?

We sure can! Here at Dinks, our mission is to make the process of body repair seamless from start to finish. If your vehicle is undriveable, we can arrange recovery to collect and deliver to our site. 

My headlamps have failed on my MOT due to foggy/hazy headlamps. Can anything be done or do I need replacements?

The process of fogging occurs because UV light slowly degrades the lamps’ plastic surface. This causes the plastic to develop tiny cracks which cause cloudiness by scattering light in different directions. We can offer a Headlamp Restoration service to bring the life back into your lights keeping you and your vehicle safe on the road!

How long will a repair take?

This depends on the type of repair being carried out. Every repair we do is unique to the vehicle. Most common repairs will be completed within 2-3 days of arrival. The Dinks team will be able to provide you with daily updates on repairs as well as an expected completion time. We understand its difficult to be without a vehicle so we can provide you with a courtesy vehicle to keep you moving.

Does Dinks offer warranty?

Of course. All of our repairs come with a 12-month warranty. 

How can I be sure of a good colour match?

Here at Dinks, we are very lucky to have our own mixing scheme giving us access to every colour available to vehicles as far back as the 1940’s and for the future colours to come. If our colour chips are not good enough, we have a state-of-the-art spectrometer allowing us to create a bespoke formula for your vehicle. We refuse anything less than a perfect match!

How can I be assured that I keep my Manufacturer’s Warranty?

We are sole distributors of OEM quality parts meaning whatever we strip and refit back into your vehicle will be a genuine part supplied to us from the main dealer. Our quality of work and care we provide to our customers and the vehicles we maintain means a lot to us. We would never jeopardise your warranty for a cheaper product. It’s just not how we do things.

If I have an accident, my insurer stated I have to take it to one of their recommended repairers. Is this true?

We will only offer the best, honest advice and this is simply not the case, as much as your insurance company may tell you otherwise. It is your vehicle and your right to choose which body shop you take your vehicle to for repair. Not so sure? Give us a call to find out more.

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