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We are your one stop car body shop for all of your bodywork needs in Peterborough. We cater for all types of vehicles, from your daily commuter, beloved classic, lease vehicle and much, much more. If your vehicle is in need of some tender love and car body repair, we’re the ones to help.

From cracked bumpers, replacement panels to CAT N write offs, there is simply nothing our team cannot do.
For many of us, when it comes to encountering a Road Traffic Collision, it can spur up a whirlwind of emotions.
It's true that lease companies accept a certain degree of wear and tear. However, if the damage is beyond the tolerances
Maintaining a fleet of gleaming vehicles is often a difficult target but not impossible. We cater for all types of fleet
It’s easy to forget about this element of your vehicle but here at Dinks, we will tell you it’s the most effective way.
There are different tiers to cleaning your vehicle. So, where does this overlap into detailing?
We all love a beloved Classic and here at Dinks, we are no different.

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