What is vehicle detailing?


Detailing is a top to bottom, deep clean of your vehicle. This process focuses on both the interior and exterior with the aim of restoring your vehicle back to factory standards. Detailing began as a small sub-culture in the North American car scene and in recent years has exploded in popularity. 


What is included in interior vehicle detailing? 

Apart from the hygienic benefits of maintaining a clean interior, the process of a detail can revitalise carpets, dashboards, trims and upholstery improving wellness and your vehicle's value. Not to mention, the pride you’ll feel afterwards! Interior detailing includes: 

  • Cleaning the air vents
  • Vacuum (wet vac is available upon request)
  • Cleaning and protecting carpets and mats
  • Cleaning and protecting trims 
  • Cleaning and protecting the upholstery
  • Removing vehicle odour 


Air vent cleaning 

Using compressed air and boar hair brushes, we will remove debris and trapped moisture that has accumulated over time. 


We begin by removing floor mats, seats and all loose debris/rubbish. From here we are able to penetrate all areas of your vehicle removing unwanted dirt and debris. We will vacuum the carpet 3 times using a variety of motions and tools to ensure it is cleaned thoroughly. From here, we move onto the seats, mats, roof lining, boot and wheel compartment. 


Cleaning carpets and mats

The carpets and mats of your vehicle see the heaviest amount of use. Burns, spills, tears, stains, loss of pile are just some of things that will affect their appearance. We use our steam cleaner and vacuum to provide a high temperature steam clean which can help remove difficult stains and food, such as bubblegum without damaging the integrity of the carpet. The benefit of this process allows the pile within the carpet to be restored giving you that new car feel once again. Once the carpets and mats have dried naturally, we will then apply a waterproof coating adding an extra layer of defence and protection. 

Cleaning and protecting upholstery

Whether you have leather, material or alcantara seats, they all will require some attention to bring them back to life. Constant use, oils from your skin and time will cause these materials to deteriorate. We have high quality products bespoke for each material allowing them to perform at their best without causing unnecessary harm. We begin by cleaning the upholstery using bespoke PH neutral shampoos to gently lift any dirt and debris. Once we are satisfied with the results, we will steam clean the area to kill any bacteria without damaging the materials structure. We will then add a protective layer to maintain durability and the health of your upholstery. For leather, we will add a feeding process to ensure the material remains vibrant and healthy.

Removal of vehicle odour

With time, that new car smell we all know and love is replaced with the daily commute, a good takeaway and perhaps the smell of the dog after it has been to the beach. Our detailing packages can eliminate all of the above (if you want us too!) and bring back that new car smell.   

What about exterior detailing? 

The exterior of your vehicle is your representative on the road, it's the first thing people see when you arrive. Having your vehicle detailed is a great way to set an example and feel good about what you drive There are many areas that are worked on in an exterior detailing package, this can include:


  • Polishing 
  • Waxing the vehicle 
  • Cleaning the windows
  • Cleaning the wheels 
  • Washing the tyres
  • Luxurious hand wash 



There are many levels to polishing your vehicle. We offer a stage 1 polish up to a stage 3, all have their benefits and all are specific for your desired outcome. With our stage 1 process, this will simply ‘cut’ into the paintwork and remove light/minor damage such as swirl marks. Our stage 3 polish is more intensive and designed for those who want to see their paintwork pop! It must be noted that this process is recommended for vehicles that are free of damage and meet our criteria. 

Waxing the vehicle 

Once a quality inspection has been conducted and approved, we will then move on to the wax application. We offer a variety of liquid and hard waxes which can provide different levels of protection from UV protection only to longevity being an important factor. Our most basic hydrophobic wax will provide a minimum of 4 weeks protection, of course this is dependent on use and other factors.  

Cleaning the windows 

Keeping your glass clear is imperative to staying safe on the roads as well as adding to the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. We will clean your windows thoroughly and when we're done we’ll add a glass protector reducing watermarks, enhancing gloss and giving the gift of water beading we all know and love!

Washing the alloys 

Using high quality products to remove tar, iron, glue and other contaminants, we can provide a safe, intensive clean to your wheels. Once we have applied our products, our soft and hard brushes are used to aggravate the surface inside and outside the barrel without causing any cosmetic damage. All we need to do afterwards is rinse the wheels, dry and wax. 

Tyre care 

Something that is often overlooked is the appearance of your tyres. We will apply products that will clean and restore your tyres giving them vibrancy and gloss. After the wet look? We can do that too.


Hand washing 

We recommend hand washing your vehicle, always. This process is far superior to automatic car washes that are commonplace throughout the UK. First, we will use a snow foam application which will help lift contaminants and debris before any physical contact with your vehicle is made. Next, we apply tar and iron remover which will eliminate these stubborn substances completely! Once the paintwork is feeling smooth, we will then begin the hand washing process. Using our two bucket method, a hand wash will clean the vehicle thoroughly. We always work from the top down, beginning with the roof and windows then working your way down to the lower sections, this is where your vehicle is most saturated with dirt so we leave this till last!  Rinsing our mitt in the clean water bucket with every application is super important. Why? We do this to ensure that no remminance of dirt will remain on the vehicle's body, if this is not followed, this can cause abrasion and damage to the paintwork. Once we are satisfied with the result, we will then use a combination of plush, new towels and an air dryer to remove any remaining water. 

Is vehicle detailing worth it? 

Having your vehicle detailed is an effective way of maintaining the quality of your vehicle, its value and overall appearance. You don’t have to have a brand new Ferrari to feel the benefits of a good detail!

Will vehicle detailing fix the damage on my vehicle?

It’s important to remember that detailing will not fix all of your vehicle's ailments. It is also very important to understand that we may not always recommend a detail if your vehicle is suffering with any accident or corrosion damage. Before you book in with us, one of the team will inspect the condition of your vehicle, discuss your goals and establish the best solution moving forward. There is a service to suit every vehicle and every budget. 


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