Why has my car paint faded?

Over time you may notice your car's paint job has become dull, a shadow of its former vibrant self. Why does this happen and what can you do to delay this process? Before we begin, it must be said that paint isn’t meant to stay vibrant forever. Environmental factors such as sunlight and weather conditions can cause the pigment in the paint to deteriorate resulting in this lacklustre finish. 


‘So, what’s causing this to happen?’ 

There is an array of factors that can result in your paintwork fading but let's look at the real culprits below:



Intense UV rays are always hitting your vehicle. When this happens, the object which the rays hit receive a huge jolt of energy. This extra energy is usually given off as heat, but some of these jolts can cause molecular bonds to break. Over time, the paint on your vehicle will no longer react with light in the same way. It becomes less reflective, transmitting less light that we visualise as fading colour.



During winter periods, we see a lot of salt on our roads. Yes, it's a safety precaution but sadly, it does nothing for the health of your pride and joy! Salt is corrosive and over time will eat away at your paintwork and metal causing corrosion. 


Bird excrement and urine 

Ever had that feeling that as soon as you wash your car, a bird comes along and uses it as a toilet? We know all about it! Bird excrement and urine is very acidic, if not removed straight away, it can eat away at your paintwork. 


Your cars age

When older vehicles first came out of the factory, they were not painted with the same materials we use today. These different compounds in the paint itself react differently, often causing them to fade quicker than modern vehicles. 


Your care 

Now this is important! Improper maintenance and care of your vehicle can intensify the fading process. Avoid abrasive chemicals which can scratch your paintwork and cause damage. We always recommend using shampoo and waxes for the protection against the elements. 


‘Dinks, what's the solution?’

We have some remedies which could help restore your paintwork. In some cases, you can buff and polish the faded areas to bring back its vibrancy however this doesn't always work. In more severe cases, the only option is to bring it to us for restoration. Remember, if you have been in an accident, we recommend bringing it to us straightaway for assessment, leaving dinks and dents can become a costly repair if left untreated as corrosion will begin to penetrate your vehicle's body. 


How to prevent paint fading before it begins. 

The biggest step you can do is to take action before this process begins. Whilst some of the environmental elements are inevitable, you can help. Check out our tips below;

  • Park your car out of sunlight, preferably in a shaded or covered area if left for a long period of time.

  • Remember to look after your car's health! Wash your vehicle on a regular basis with mild shampoo. ONLY hand wash your car, this is less abrasive and better for your vehicle's overall condition than automatic car washes. (Yes, it’s quicker but can be very damaging). 

  • Utilising our detailing packages can help restore your paintwork whilst offering a level of protection against the elements. 

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